Die Grenze

'I have to escape to West-Berlin'

Project Description

Die Grenze is a Stealth Sidescroller set in East-Berlin who tries to travel to West-Berlin.

This project was made by a team of 5 students during a 4 week project. 

In this singleplayer experience the player must hide and traverse to avoid enemies and get to safely. 


Development information

Team size: 5(2 programmers, 2 artists, 1 designer)

Project duration: 32 weeks

Engine: Unity
Platform: PC
Tools: Trello, Google Suite

Year: 2016


Main responsibilities

niemand 460.jpg
  • Provide research shape the concept of the game on the stealth genre, level design conventions in side scrollers, and the situation in East-Berlin in the Cold War.

  • Design and implement the core gameplay loop as well as balancing the mechanics.

  • Design and implement the level.

  • Playtest

  • Balance the gam

  • Design and prototype the gameplay as well as the level design

    •  I had the pleasure of working in a feature team on the character​

    • I prototyped the speed based on the slope, sprinting, damage systems, and other movement systems

    • Kept the feature documentation and design deck up to date

  • Manage

  • Balance the overall experience

    • During the project I was also responsible for Accessibility and managed to increase the quality of our game for Vision impairment, Motion impairment, and hearing impairment.

    • This also meant setting up playtests, pipelines, bugtesting and bugfixing. 

Valued Experiences

During this project I learned a lot about stealth mechanics and how to implement them. I also learned more about how games are being balanced and the general disciplines that come into play.