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Leon van den Berg

Game designer

Game Design student focused on creating amazing player experiences at Breda University, currently looking for an internship starting September 2021. 

Top Projects



A First Person Singeplayer Survival game set in the Atacama Desert

Year: 2020-2021

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Platform: Windows(Steam) and PS4

Role: Game Designer


  • Design the crafting system with feature documentation and prototyping in cooperation with the programming department.

  • Design, prototype, and balance the character actions, such as movement speed based on slope angle, Falling damage, Sprinting, and camera effects.

  • Testing and bugfixing to maintain the quality of the final product. 

Temple of Giants

A Third Person Singleplayer Puzzle Platformer set in ancient Greece

Year: 2019-2020

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Platform: Windows(

Role: Game Designer


  • Design, prototype & balance the core character actions including the earth bending powers, projectile shooting, and jumping. 

  • Design, prototype & balance the hazards

  • Testing and bugfixing to maintain the quality of the final product

Temple of Giants.png
whazgood 558.jpg


Internship as a Game Designer 

Year: 2016

Engine: Unity

Role: Game Designer


  • Create concepts, prototypes, and pitches for small games for the Luqo platform.

  • Playtest with the target audience & iterate on existing prototypes.

  • Set up game documentation, design pipelines & , and help with company structure.


About me

I love creating engaging experiences and working in a team to create a high value product. I am hardworking, adaptable and eager to learn. 

When working within a team, I am often described as a firefighter. I discover problems, make them known to the team, and make sure to correct them or get them fixed. I do what it takes to get the job done.

I am able to view the game with a players' mindset which makes me good at advocating for the player.


Rapid Iterative Prototyping through playtesting with target audience and stress testing.

Feature Design based on research of existing sources.

Quality Assurance with stress testing, testcases, and playtesting.

Concept Design including pitching concepts.

Onboarding for different types of target audiences.

UX Design including accessibility for visual, hearing, motor and neuro impairment. 

Scrum for planning.


Engines: Unity, Unreal Engine 4

Project Management: Jira, Slack. Google Suite, Trello, Microsoft Office, MS Teams 

Programming Languages: C#, visual scripting (UE4), Python, HTML, CSS, PHP

Source Control: Perforce, Github

Modelling: Maya


Breda, The Netherlands

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