About me



I am an inquisitive Game Design student looking for a challenging internship that will provide the possibility to solve problems and create engaging experiences. Game design is my main focus and passion. I love solving problems and creating engaging experiences.

Having a strong ability to think rationally, this allows me to analyze, conceptualize, and develop with a clear purpose and iterate on designs with logical reasoning. Additionally I ensure that my work is thorough and can be applied effectively.  

In my spare time, I like to play shooters, narrative based games, and open world RPGs.


Game dev

  • Rapid iterative prototyping
  • UX design
  • Feature design
  • Pitching
  • Quality Assurance
  • Concept design
  • Onboarding
  • Accessibility
  • Scrum


  • Dutch (native)
  • English (professional proficiency)
  • French (novice)



Experience: 1 year



Autodesk Maya

Experience: 1 year
Modelling program

perforce 2.png

Experience: 3 years
Source control


Experience: 2 years
Game Engine


Experience: 3 years
Source control

JIRA 1.png

Experience: 3 years

Project management


Unreal Engine 4
Experience: 3 years
Game Engine

Visual Scripting


Microsoft Teams
Experience: 2 years

Project management


What makes me unique as a Game Designer is my perspective on game aspects. I am detail- oriented, am able to identify problems, and do everything to get the job done. 


I am open to new experiences, very adaptable to where the team needs the most help, and quickly adjust when priorities change.  

When it comes to design decisions, I make sure to justify my decisions by doing research. This limits the amount of risks and improves the overall product. 


Furthermore I am able to gather new insight on how the game can be played based on the perspectives of the different players. 


In my spare time, I love to play games above all. My main interest in playing lies with shooters and open world RPG's. But most recently I have been exploring more horror games. Besides playing games, I also enjoy analyzing them and picking certain features and try to recreate features in Unreal Engine. Some are simple as the ammunition features in Resident Evil 8 New Game+, as well as making the shooting range from Sniper Elite 4, and Zelda's BOTW Cryonis.


I also love to watch Sci-Fi movies and explore new and interesting movie concepts. I am also a tv-show fan and all my favorite movies and shows can be seen here. My interest in movies also sparked my interest in writing screenplays and other stories as a way to convey my values. So far, I have written one movie and four series. 


Besides watching movies with friends, I also enjoy to play board games with them such as Chess and Dungeon & Dragons. I also give presentations each Saturday about random topics we have researched. Example of these topics are: Chess, Snipers, Watch Dogs Legion, Martial Arts, Health Systems in games, etc. If which some of them can be found on my Youtube channel.


When I am not busy with any big project and want to go away from the screen, I play piano and write my own music. I mostly enjoy playing blues, pop, and classical music.