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A First Person Singeplayer Survival game set in the Atacama Desert

Year: 2020-2021

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Platform: Windows(Steam) and PS4

Role: Game Designer


  • Design the crafting system with feature documentation and prototyping in cooperation with the programming department.

  • Design, prototype, and balance the character actions, such as movement speed based on slope angle, Falling damage, Sprinting, and camera effects.

  • Testing and bugfixing to maintain the quality of the final product. 

Temple of Giants

A Third Person Singleplayer Puzzle Platformer set in ancient Greece

Temple of Giants.png

Year: 2019-2020

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Platform: Windows(

Role: Game Designer


  • Design, prototype & balance the core character actions including the earth bending powers, projectile shooting, and jumping. 

  • Design, prototype & balance the hazards

  • Testing and bugfixing to maintain the quality of the final product. 

whazgood 558.jpg

Company; Luqo

Internship as a Game Designer 

Year: 2016

Engine: Unity

Role: Game Designer


  • Create concepts, prototypes, and pitches for small games for the Luqo platform.

  • Playtest with the target audience & iterate on existing prototypes.

  • Set up game documentation, design pipelines & , and help with company structure.

game 009.jpg


Two player strategic boardgame


Year: 2016

Role: Game Designer


  • Design, prototype, and iterate on the concept

  • Playtest the game with the target audience

  • Create the final art for the game using Adobe Illustrator

chickie mayhem.png

Game Jams


Multiple small projects made in 48 hours

Year: 2017 - 2021​

Role: Game Designer


  • Designing the concept of the game

  • Prototyping and implement features

  • Design and implement the level

  • Create a variety of assets

  • Managing the planning of the teams

meatgrind 2.png

CTF - Hex


Multiplayer Capture The Flag map made for Unreal Tournament 4

Year: 2018

Role: Level Designer


  • Research the level design guidelines, target audience, and overall rules

  • Create moment to moment gameplay in blockout for a variety of rooms

  • Iterate & balance the map based on feedback

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