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'I'd give anything for a cold drink right about now'

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Project Description

Arid is a First Person Survival game set in the most arid place in the world, the Atacama Desert. 


This project was made by a team of 24 students during a 1 year project and is released on Steam in 2021.

In this singleplayer game the player must explore, gather and craft in order to face the extreme temperatures, the loneliness and the mysteries of the Atacama Desert.


Development information

Team size: 24

Project duration: 32 weeks

Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Platform: PC
Store: Steam
Tools: JIRA, Perforce, Google Suite

Year: 2020-2021


Main responsibilities

Research visual genre.gif
  • Provide research to help shape the concept of the game

    • During the project I provided research to help set the vision of the game. This includes but not limited to ​genre convention research as well as research on crafting.

    • Designed the Crafting System during early stages of the game.

    • Implement the interactables with help with a google sheets database intergration in Unreal Engine. (1).gif
  • Design and prototype the character actions

    • I had the pleasure of working in a feature team on the character​.

    • I implemented the speed based on the slope, sprinting, damage systems, and other movement systems.

    • Kept the feature documentation and design deck up to date.

  • Quality Assurance​

    • I was the Quality Assurance Manager process during release to make sure ​the game set to quality. 

    • During the project I was also responsible for accessibility and managed to increase the quality of our game for vision impairment, motion impairment, and hearing impairment.

    • This also meant setting up playtests, pipelines, bugtesting and bugfixing. 

Valued Experiences

During this project I was supporting a lot of people due to increase the overall product. From this process I learned a lot of on working on bigger teams as well as knowing how to act and setting priorities. 


Corona had a big impact on our interaction and I learned how to document more clear to the team as well as making sure the team is aware of issues in the project.

Besides this I learned a great deal about Quality Assurance and professional standards in the industry and their pipelines in bigger teams. 

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