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Make learning fun for children

Game Design Internship 2018

Company Description

Luqo is a Dutch indie company focused on providing engaging ways to teach children essential educational lessons in Dutch primary schools. All games are based on 21st century skills. They use their own platform they sell to schools to provide games for children to play at school itself to learn new skills such as calculation, programming, grammar, reading, and social skills. 

Due to NDA I can not share all projects I have worked on.


Development information

Team size: 5

Internship time: 5 months

Year: 2018

Platform: Luqo platform

Engine: Unity

Tools: Microsoft Office


Main responsibilities

concept 5 2.png
  • Come up with new concepts and prototypes to make small games for each child group between the age of 6 to 12.  

  • Create prototypes and write narrative for 6 different games including: Wat is rood, Literatuur, and Verhalenmaker.

  • Playtest prototypes for further development.

noway 281.jpg
whazgood 558.jpg

Process example

  • I would propose about 6 concepts each time made of a clear design document with a paper prototype concept of which about 2 or 3 usually got greenlight.

  • I would make digital prototypes in Unity and test it internally with the team and at the deadline(usually one week) present the prototypes after which 1 gets chosen to get made.

  • Then I would optimize the code, test all interactions, give everything proper feedback, made a list of potential features and allocated time for each, and then test it externally with the target audience with placeholder art.

  • Once approved by schools and the target audience, art would be made and feedback would be implemented and iterated upon for repeated testing.

Valued experiences

I joined this company during their start up and concept phase and helped develop their core company till they were in preproduction. I learned more about dealing with stakeholders who do not have the same knowledge as you as well as quick prototyping and company policies. 

From this experience I learned how playtest with children as well as rapid prototyping and working with GAAS systems.

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