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Unreal Tournament map

'Capture the flag in a Church in Hell'


Project Description

CTF-Hex is a Capture The Flag Multiplayer map made and released for Unreal Tournemant 4.

This was a solo project made during 8 weeks. 

It has been published on the 

The map is relatively small to ensure plenty of interaction and compact gameplay. 


Development information

Team size: 1

Project duration: 8 weeks

Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Platform: PC
Tools: Google Suite, Trello

Year: 2018



Node map 2.jpg
Iteration seperate parts.png
  • For inspiration for this map, I went out to the city of Breda and took photos of the churches and their layouts as well as their environment.

  • I made paint overs off these images followed by sketches to draw out about 100 interesting moment-to-moment gameplay.

  • Making node maps of possible connections between rooms.

  • After having a few solid ideas and are coherent to the Unreal Tournament level design pillars, I blocks out multiple versions of each element and experimented with different combinations and testing different sizes and layouts.

  • During the process, I continuously playtested and iterated on my level throughout the project.


Valued Experiences

During this project I learned more about the processes involved when designing levels. I learned how to create proper node maps, making block-outs and how to iterate faster.

One big mistake I made with this project was factoring the target audience in too late. Although I playtested with other people, I did too little playtest with the target audience itself, therefore it was not received too well by the audience since a lot of the map relies on jumping, which is not a focus that the audience likes. 

Since it was released and could update it anymore I was not able to fix the issue in this map, but I was able to prevent the issue of dissonance with target audience in every project since. 

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