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Temple Of Giants

'Release your earth powers and save your mother'

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Project Description

Temple of Giants is a Singleplayer Third Person Puzzle-Platformer set in ancient Greece. 

In this singleplayer experience you play as Nysa, a greek demi-godess with earthbending powers, who tries to save her mother from Medusa who invaded and destroyed her mother's temple.

In the game you can use your earth powers to create pillars, shoot projectiles and use the environment to solve puzzles and survive the dangers to defeat Medusa.


BUAS Awards

  • Best Art of Year 2 2020

  • Best Design Year 2 2020(Runner up)

  • Best Game Year 2 2020, Teacher's Pick(Won)

  • Best Game Year 2 2020, Audience Pick(Won)


Development information

  • Team size: 19

  • Project duration: 16 weeks

  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4

  • Platform: PC

  • Store:

  • Tools: JIRA, Perforce, MSTeams, Google Suite

  • Year: 2019-2020


Main responsibilities

showcase spawnblock raise.gif
  • Design & implementation of the character

    • Researched into Zelda's cryonis and Earthbending from Avatar.

    • Design and prototyped the earth block spawn through several iterations accounting for location, feedback, and intuitive interaction.

    • Design and prototype the projectile shooting

    • Design & implement character health system including impact damage, poison damage and hazards. 

    • Provided Design Deck and Feature documentation for programmers.

    • Design and implementation of the movement system at 3 different speeds 

  • Give direction and feedback to the team (associate producer & Quality Assurance)​

    • Provide critical research on genre conventions to establish a vision.

    • Provide clear pipelines for development of game features and QA.

    • Create pitches for updates to stakeholders.​​


Other responsibilities

  • Hazard design and implementation. I designed, implemented, and balanced the hazards in the game. This was in collaboration with the level designer, working side by side. 

  • Quality Assurance. At the end of the project, the design was done and reported bugs together with other QA, and assigned them to the correct people and fixed some myself.

Valued experiences

I joined during preproduction at which time it was a Dungeon Crawling Action-Adventure Puzzle Platformer with RPG elements. Since we were a group of 4 people with only me having scripting skills, I scaled it down until it was viable by doing research and quick prototypes to see what is possible. Besides this I assisted the producer to set up all the pipelines for the project as well as create pitches for stakeholders. 

Through this process I learned how to do more quick research, provide the MVP and move on to the next task as efficiently as possible. 

I was occupied with designing implementing the core mechanics it was a challenge to balance all game elements as well within the given timeframe and decided with the producer to balance it during production. 

During production I decided to step down as Associate Producer and focus more on Game Design and Quality Assurance to increase the quality of the product. Our team grew to 19 people and during these next 8 weeks the main challenge was create maximum output with the limitations given. The 3C's were locked, causing many features not to be balanced properly until the end with quick fixes. 

Overall I have learned to adhere to good pipelines and set up back up plans for when issues go wrong. 

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